Mission of Company АВС Farben is to promote development of Russia’s economy by production and marketing of high-quality consumer goods.

Main values of АВС Farben:

  • Satisfaction of requirements of our  customers and business partners’ needs;
  • Constant development, improvement of product quality, development of new formulations;
  • Environmentally friendly  technologies, ecological compatibility of production,  guarantee of environment purity and consumer health;
  • Production automation and business process optimization;
  • Personal success and development of the  Company’ employees;



April 1, 1995. Shop for production of oil paints and enamels PF-115 was commissioned in settlement Olkhovatka of the Voronezh Region. While many Russian enterprises had to shut down in the result of competition with foreign companies, new production startup was, at least, a leap in the dark if not a deed. The risk paid off: the Company dynamics surpassed all wildest

1996. Company ABC Farben acquired a new site (1500 m2) for placement of production facilities. This resulted in three-fold increase in product output, the product range was expanded by launching enamels PF-1217.

1997. Shop for drying oil was branched out. Drying oil storage tank park started working. All this made it possible for the Company to use own natural high-quality raw materials for oil paint production.  The Company started production of tin containers for its products in own specialized shop. Demand for ABC Farben products increased along with consumer requirements. The Company management took the decision to make a leap forward – to become one of the key players in the national market of paints and varnishes. In this regard it was decided to build a new plant, equip it in accordance with international standards and start production of the full range of paints and varnishes.

1998. Company ABC Farben acquired 6 hectares of land for the construction of a new production site on the outskirts of Olkhovatka - in Bugaevka village. The plant project was developed in association with the scientific-research institute Sintezkauchuk” and representatives of foreign equipment manufacturers Netzsch, DeVree and ProFarb. The new plant construction started in August, 1998. According to the project the plant consisted of 3 separate shops, 3 warehouses, the administrative building, all necessary plant support facilities and utilities.

2000. The new production site was commissioned. In the 2nd quarter, just before the construction and repair season the plant was up and running at full capacity. The start-up of the new production site in the increased share of own raw materials – alkyd half-prepared varnishes PF-060 and PF-053, alkyd resins and other semi-finished products.

Each shop of the new plant is responsible for its own stage of the manufacturing process.

Production shop No.1 is engaged in manufacture of varnishes and drying oil. Production shop No.2 is equipped with dispersing equipment for manufacturing white bases A, B and C for alkyd enamels, primer-enamels and oil paints. In production shop No.3 white bases are mixed with colorants for manufacturing color paints and enamels which are canned in consumer and industrial packaging. Such consistent technology adopted from Western companies enables to manufacture higher quality products, as well as to enhance production flexibility, immediately handle requisitions and conform to the consumer demand.

Each production shop has its own laboratory carrying out control of incoming raw materials and finished products. The central laboratory is in charge of general quality control.

2001. Company ABC Farben organized production of water-dispersion paints and PVA glue. The central laboratory was equipped with new equipment for developing own formulations. The Company was staffed with a team of experts in the area of paints and varnishes production. Search of experienced personnel was carried out on a country-wide basis.

The laboratory staff developed new types of products: adhesive and latex fillers, wall, ceiling and façade water-dispersion paints.

For professional development purposes manufacturing engineers and the laboratory staff engaged in water-dispersion product line completed training at leading Russian training centres and undertook work placement in Finland and Germany.

In 2001 the Company launched its first brand – Olecolor. The brand assortment included alkyd primers, alkyd enamels, nitrocellulose enamels. Later the brand assortment was expanded with the group of water-dispersion paintwork materials produced under own formulations.

2004. The Company entered a new stage of development: setting up the Trade House in Voronezh. A modern distribution and product promotion system was developed and implemented. Sales geography grew in geometric increase. In the following years the plant continued dynamic development, constantly increasing production facilities and quantity of output.

2004. Considerable growth of varnish production shop output: purchase and installation of 5 new reactors for varnish boiling; the total number of reactors reached 8. The production turnout increased up to 80 tons/day. Modern specialized household buildings with locker-rooms and shower-rooms were built for the staff.  Introduction of ABC Farben corporate work standards, all workers got special work uniforms with corporate logo.

2005. Twofold increase in drying oil productive capacity due to the installation of a new production unit and start-up of 2 varnish storage tanks with storage volume 2000m3 each. This enabled to provide production process continuity.

2006.  Three-fold increase of production shop No.2 (white base manufacture) output due to purchase and installation of new production line Netzsch. Increase in filling line DeVree capacity (production shop No.3: filling and canning of alkyde products) up to more than 15 tons/hour.

2006. New brand Ticiana was introduced in the assortment of АВС Farben.  Products of this brand are high-quality paints and varnishes of premium class.

2007. New A-class finished products warehouse (total area above 3500 m2) was put into operation for optimizing order picking period up to 1-2 days.

2007. Taking decision on construction of production shop No.4 for manufacture of water-dispersion products: acrylic fillers, primers, paints and enamels. In 2008 the production shop was successfully commissioned.

In 2009  the Company introduced hand tools for repair and finishing works under UPRAVDOM and  PETROVICH brands, garden tools DAPKO, a range of padlocks  KVADRA to satisfy the market demand. The priorities of ABC Farben are:  broad product range and optimal price/quality ratio.

Due to the new line of business ABC Farben put into operation new modern warehouses (total area about 4500m2). At present the Company is expanding its warehouse space. Finally the multi-building warehouse complex will consist of A and B-class warehouses with total area about 7000m2.

In 2009 the Company management took the decision to introduce the system SAP ERP– the acknowledged leader in the area of enterprise resource planning systems. SAP platform implementation was split into several stages and completed in 2011. This innovation made it possible for ABC Farben to build business processes in compliance with best world practices, to move to a new level of planning, quality management and distribution support, to improve overall performance.

In 2009 the world faced the financial and economic crisis that touched on all economic sectors. It also affected the construction industry. Companies involved in construction business strived to find viable solutions for maintaining their market power. ABC Farben took the decision to expand the product range of paints and varnishes by launching the economy segment products under UPRAVDOM brand. Development of UPRAVDOM brand was aimed at producing maximum quality products at minimum price. The brand assortment included the most popular products: primers, fillers, acrylic paints, alkyd enamels, glues, drying oils. Under the existing conditions the new products turned out to be in great demand and quickly found their consumer.

In 2010 ABC Farben celebrated its 15th anniversary. The considerable age of ABC Farben is evidence of the Company’s reliability and stable market standing.

2011. The brand portfolio of АВС Farben was expanded by launching a new product line – paints and varnishes under TM FARBITEX. Customer research, multiple tests of similar products of various manufacturers allowed the Company’s specialists to develop products fully complying with modern trends and target audience demands. The most marketable paints and varnishes are manufactured under TM FARBITEX.

Besides, in 2011 ABC Farben expanded the household and dacha product range by bringing to the market a new product line - lighting (energy saving lamps). Market appearance of energy saving lamps under TM UPRAVDOM and KARAT will lead the way to supplying a wide assortment of modern electric installation (lighting and wiring) equipment. Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) were developed based on long-term experience of major European manufacturers. As a result lamps under UPRAVDOM and KARAT brands combine advantages of all modern energy-saving product manufacturing technologies. This product group includes a wide variety of CFL differentiated by wattage, mounting base type, colour temperature and bulb shape: full-spirals, half-spirals, U-types, reflectors, candles, candle tails, globes, lotus, pears.

At present ABC Farben is a major company that ranks in top 5 Russian manufacturers of paints and varnishes. Main advantages of ABC Farben:

  • manufacture of environmentally sound products;
  • employment of  latest know-how in the sphere of paint and varnish production;
  • availability of extensive distribution network.

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